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Office Dante

Dante str. 2, Sofia 1142

tel.: +359 2 980 04 63
tel.: +359 2 986 33 45
fax: +359 2 981 39 74
A1: +359 885 328 221

Monday - Friday:
09:00 - 17:30

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Office Parchevich

68, Parchevich Str. 1000 Sofia

tel.: +359 2 989 40 93
tel.: +359 2 981 03 15
fax: +359 2 423 43 87
A1: +359 885 328 255

Monday - Friday:
09:00 - 17:30

parchevich@lozanova48.com view map

Office Bulgaria

23, Tvardishki prohod Str.
1404 Sofia

tel./fax: +359 2 958 76 15
tel./fax: +359 2 958 76 16
A1: +359 885 322 065

Monday - Friday:
09:00 - 17:30

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Office Varna

Office Varna

13, Ivan Vazov Str.
9000 Varna

tel.: +359 52 80 45 99
tel.: +359 882 67 96 18
fax: +359 882 68 00 17
A1: +359 885 327 858

Monday - Friday:
09:00 - 17:30

varna@lozanova48.com view map
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Does your business work with foreign clients, do you want to operate in foreign markets, do you need a document translated? With us you will find the translation service that your business needs. We have translators, experts and consultants in all fields, as well as specialized terminological databases.

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Lozanova 48 is a leading translation agency founded in 1994. We were the first in the industry to implement a corporate software product for computer-aided translation SDL Trados Synergy 2007 Business and an Oracle business management system, enabling the transformation of the creative translation process into a production one, ensuring stable quality…

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Frequently asked questions / FAQ

What is an Apostille and when do you need it?

An apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of a public document (e.g. a birth, marriage or death certificate, a court decision, an extract from a register or a notary's certificate). At the beginning of this brochure is placed a Sample certificate - apostille.

Apostilles may only be used for documents issued in one country that is a party to the Apostille Convention and intended for use in another country that is also a party to the Convention.

You will need an Apostille if all the conditions listed below apply:
• the country in which the document was issued is a party to the Apostille Convention; and
• the country in which the document is to be used is a party to the Apostille Convention; and
• the law of the country where the document was issued considers it a public document; and
• the country where the document is to be used requires an apostille to recognize it as a foreign public document.

Apostilles can never be used to recognize a document in the country where it was issued - Apostilles are only intended for public document use abroad!

An Apostille may not be required if the requirement for an Apostille has been removed or simplified by the laws, regulations or practice in force in the country where the public document is to be used or if according to them the document is exempt from the requirement to be legalized. Such simplification or elimination may also be available as a result of an agreement or other agreement in force between the country in which the public document is to be used and the country issuing it (eg some other Hague Conventions exempt documents from the requirement of legalization or other similar formalities including Apostille).

If you have doubts, you should ask the recipient for whom your document is intended, whether an Apostille is necessary in the particular case.