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Quality management

  • Quality management system certified under ISO 9001:2008.
  • The quality management system integrates the requirements for provision of translation services complied with the European standard BDS EN 15038:2006.
  • All processes within the company are regulated and mutually interrelated, fixed criteria and control methods are in place, the resources and information flows necessary for the efficient functioning of the processes are provided.
  • The implemented project management systems Oracle Primavera 6P and Trados ensure the monitoring and measurement of the processes, the timely initiation of corrective measures for removal of any possible inconsistencies. 
  • The implemented corporate system for computer-aided translation SDL Trados Synergy 2007 Business allows the concurrent work of unrestricted number of translators/ proofreaders within a single database and ensures the consistency of terminology and the maintenance of a personalized and specialized terminological database; 
  • The system of continuous upgrading of the computer and office equipment ensures the precise technical preparation of documents for translation and their formatting to reach the agreed format; 
  • Translators are recruited following stringent criteria. Lozanova 48 Ltd provides continuous training in order to improve the professional qualification of its staff. If necessary, consultants and experts in the relevant fields are approached. 
  • Translation Agency Lozanova 48 Ltd. has four offices with a total area of 390 m2 providing 34 high-tech workplaces. The network system of Lozanova 48 Ltd. is built of 4 subnetworks with 7 servers located in the four offices, interconnected via optic connection and centralized control. The equipment guarantees the secure and timely communication with our customers and partners as well as the protection and storage of information.

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