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File formats

SGML Microsoft Word 2000-2003
Microsoft Word 2007-2010 Microsoft Excel 2000-2003
Microsoft Excel 2007-2010 Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2003
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2010 FrameMaker
InDesign QuarkXPress
PageMaker Interleaf
Ventura Workbench RTF
Coded files Windows Binary
Windows Resource Java
StarOffice OpenOffice
Generic delimited text RESX
OpenTag TradosTag files (TTX)
SDLX translation files Generic Text

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In case you are interested in translation, please indicate the source and target languages and the deadline and enclose the document in one of the possible formats. If you have any additional comments, please write them in the space at the bottom of the form.

In case you are interested in certification or legalization of documents, please indicate the type of the document, the country issuing the document (for documents issued abroad), the country in which the document will be used and the target language (for documents issued in Bulgaria to be used abroad), the purpose of the document (change in civil status, emigration, legal entity registration etc.) and/or any additional information.

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